As professional installers of all types of curbing we’ve realized that cost is often the number one concern when choosing curbing. We recognize quality is just as important, but it has to fit the budget first and foremost. We hope this guide helps you to better understand how much a curb may cost and the different options that are available for your curb.

-Altered Edge Curbing


There are a lot of factors that go into how much curbing can cost. Linear foot, Prepping, Stamping, Color, and Sealer make up the bulk of how much your curbing will cost. For that reason these will be the topics we will focus on.

(This guide is meant to help give you an idea of what your curbing might cost and is in no way meant to be an exact amount of what it will cost. If you require a more specific amount call 801-940-7373 for a free no obligation quote)


Linear foot refers to how long the job will be, measured in feet. Most curb installers will use this method to determine your basic cost. Some installers have a minimum requirement before they will even consider doing a job. Installers who do not require a minimum linear foot often charge a higher rate per linear foot for jobs under a specific size. If you are trying to calculate how much your curbing will cost, start by measuring the linear footage of where you want your curbing.

Expect to pay:   $2.75 /ft to $ 4.00/ft (Price per foot may be higher for smaller jobs)


Prepping the site for curbing to be installed may be necessary. A yard that is already landscaped may require grass to be removed and terrain to be altered in order to prepare for the curbing, costing more for prep work. On the other hand, a brand new home that has not been landscaped may require little to no prepping, often times costing minimal for prep work. This charge is purely conditional to each job and subject to the discretion of the installer.

Expect to pay: $0 to $300+ (Also contingent on job size)


Stamping is a simple way to add more appeal to your curb. Stamping allows your curb to blend in with a theme or stand out from monotony. There are a variety of patterns to choose from based on how you want your curb to look. Rarely do installers charge different prices for different stamps so expect price to be relatively standard based on linear footage.

Expect to pay: $0.25/ft to $0.50/ft


Color can be added to the mixture to create a truly custom curb. The price of color varies greatly based on the color itself and the amount of material needed to obtain the desired color. Colors closer to the natural color of cement tend to cost less while brighter and more defined colors tend to cost more. Cost is usually based on linear footage

Expect to pay: $0.25/ft to $1.00/ft


Sealer provides a protective barrier for your curbing and in some cases can even create a “wet” look. There are a variety of sealers on the market that can range significantly in price based on the quality and effect. The main purpose of a sealer is to prevent water from entering the natural pores in the cement, creating cracks. Cost is usually based on linear footage.

Expect to pay: $0.25/ft to $1.00/ft