The best style for lawn edging available is the Standard Cut.  The 3” high form is considered to be the ideal height to be maintained continually.  This information gave our innovative owner the idea to have a custom form made at that height.  The only concern was whether it would be just as effective at separation as the Large cut.  It passed that test with flying colors.  I recommend it for all your lawn edging design jobs where the customer is considering the Large Curb and we are proud that Altered Edge Curbing can offer this additional option



A very popular style for curb appeal.  The slant design enables stamp decorations to be more prominently visible from the road and is a favorite for owners who want the curbing to be an active decoration component in their landscape.  The design style does require a weed eater when used as a lawn edging but the decoration appeal of this style makes up for it according to many of my customers.  It is exceptionally ideal for edging flower beds, mulched and rock areas, and around shrubbery.  This design adds texture and depth along with separation where it is usually lacking in landscape designs.


This style could be considered traditional or “old school”  It has fallen out of favor due to it’s misleading name and the development of a more effective design.  It’s original design was intended to allow a lawn mower to cut the grass evenly all the way to the edge and eliminating the need for weed eating but it fell short of those goals commonly leaving a thin row of tall grass along the curb.  We still offer this form style for the purposes of matching preexisting curbing but do not recommend it otherwise.


This was the answer to the mower style’s short comings.  The flat top surface allows the mower wheel to ride along while the blade cuts the grass evenly all the way to the curb without fear of contacting the cement or leaving that pesky row of long grass.  At 4” in height, the separation between grass and other landscape elements was very effective.  Before considering this style I should point out that the outcome will be 4” grass blades after being mowed.  A majority of landscape and gardening professionals say this is too long for grass to be maintained continually and stay healthy.  However, for edging between rock and mulch, or if there is a slight elevation change, it is the ideal style.